Celtic Foray

After accepting the mission Celtic Foray you need to make your way to the Forgotten Burial Ground. This can be done in a few ways. Click the star icon that should have appeared somewhere on the edge of your screen and select ‘Visit Forgotten Burial Mound’; or go to the map view and search for the star icon that way (it should be a greyish/brown colour), click on it and select ‘Visit Forgotten Burial Ground’.

You can also search for it manually…if you like to do things the hard way. If you are searching manually, you will find in between the Champs Les Sims Nectary and the Chateau Du Landgraab.

1. The above image demonstrates where your Sim needs to enter the tomb. If you change to a ‘birds eye’ view and zoom in, you will see some stairs, you need to click on the top of this set of stairs and select ‘Use Stairs’ to gain entry to the tomb.

1. After descending the stairs you will enter into the first chamber room. To your left is a rock ledge, built into the wall, which holds a piece of treasure/loot. Collect this (if you want to collect all the goods and money throughout your travels).

2. Directly ahead of the stairs you will notice a large pile of rubble. You need to click on it and select ‘Clear’. Once your Sim is done moving the rubble, you will find a flat, blank wall. Click on this wall and select ‘Inspect’. The wall will swing open and allow you entrance to the next room.

3. In the next room you will notice a square of concrete with a feet on it (room now on we will call this a ‘foot pad’). Ask your Sim to stand on this foot pad. They will jump on it and yellow/orange sparkles will emanate toward the, now unlocked, door. Remember to watch these sparkles every time you unlock something as they will generally indicate where you should go to next.


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